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    Posting an item is super simple. College textbooks, electronics, furniture, housing... you can easily find and post everything you need for college life.

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    Postify allows you to safely contact other posters without giving away any personal information. Trust, transparency & community are top priorities for us!

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    Postify brings students who are looking to buy and sell items together in one place. Our college classifieds website gives you all the features you need to make and save money.

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  • Designed for students

    We are passionate about creating the best possible experience for you. We have made it uber easy to view and post classifieds on your campus.

  • Exclusive for .edu

    Only students with an .edu can sign up for a free account. That creates a safe, trusted marketplace

  • Save (and make) money!

    Budgets are tight in college and school textbooks and tuition are expensive. We get that. Classifieds are the best way to save (and make) money by buying directly from students on your campus!

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